Some things never change

As the family of companies continues to grow, now employing nearly 300 people across four businesses, the unspoken philosophy that founder Paul Sr. successfully modeled for over four decades continues to drive successive generations that now hold the torch.

Son Marvin Zimmerman describes it this way, "Pop was always careful in trying to make a profit. He was careful in not doing things that would upset people. He was a Christian man, and he read his Bible daily. He read in the scriptures about being a helping hand. He loved to get people going, to make new things, to make things better, serving the community, serving the people. He was a church man who liked to walk with the elders of the church. He was a man who liked to do things honestly. Those things all added up to better business. He never wanted to be a rich man or outstanding in some way. He didn't want a lot of fuss, he just worked, and helped people, and did his thing."