A change of scenery

In 1991, having run out of space to expand operations at their current location, the Zimmermans decided it was time to pursue the acquisition of additional land. Discovering that the farmland immediately surrounding them was unavailable, it became obvious that they would need to come up with another solution. At a special board meeting on February 19, 1991, the Directors decided to pursue the possibility of purchasing land from farmer David Zimmerman. He had expressed willingness to part with some of his acreage along Wood Corner Road, roughly one-half mile north of the Zimmerman complex. Though the distance would certainly pose some logistical problems, there were two big advantages to this alternate location: it was only 200 yards south of heavily-traveled Route 322, and the land had sewer and water connections. By the close of their meeting, the Zimmerman brothers agreed to make an offer to David Zimmerman for an 8-acre parcel of farmland. When he accepted their bid, the site for Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc.'s new hardware store was settled. It is the location of the hardware store to this day, now named PaulB Hardware.